Boreal Blade Tournament Announcement

Boreal Blade Tournament..

Our community will be hosting a Boreal Blade Tournament this Sunday (12/20) @ 7 PM CST.

Players will be able to participate in two game types: Casual and Competitive.

- Casual rounds will be where players are able to wear any armor and use any weapon of their choice.

- Competitive rounds will be where players are only able to use the base sword with no additional armor.

Teams will be dynamic meaning there are no set teams and participants will be swapping between team mates. Winning is based on a player point system so you are ultimately fighting for yourself to earn the most points, however team victories will grant you additional points. The first place winner will receive a temporary Discord title until the next tournament match is held. Winners will not be able to win first place consecutively and the title will be given to the second place winner. Steam gift cards are expected to be the winning prize in the future.

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